Today is Halloween, October 31st. I am excited, in a way, but I am also dissapointed. Last week I was sick for three days, and I have a lot to catch up on. I caught up for core, and science, but not math. I am really having a hard time in math this year. I should be studiying, instead of going to the dance today. I know that I never really had math in elementary, and I know that it will take some tutoring to be up to date in my math. My grandma found a good tutor, who she says will be the best person for me to work with, so I know that I can trust my grandma to make things work out. That is all I have to say. Happy halloween!
This weekend I went to the "Light the Night for Lukemia" walk. I didn't walk, but I helped set up for the whole event. I had a lot of fun and got 5 hours of community service. I could have gotten six hours, but I had to come late. I saw some friends from leadership, and we went off to help deliver t-shirts, pizzas, and balloons. The whole expierience was very great, If I have a chance to do any thing like that again, I will jump at the oppurtunity. I know that this quarter's leadership grade is off to a good start. I had a lot of fun and helped out my community too. I hope I will be able to get my close friends to do  something like this with me, to make the expierience all the more better. I still have 9 1/2 hours to go, so I better start working. Goodbye!
    Today in math we got new seats. I used to sit in the front, and nxt to three boys who sang the whole time. Now I sit in the middle with three girls, and they are much more focused. I am glad I have a new seat, and I know I will do much better in math now that I have a new seat. I also can see the board much better. 
    Also, in math, We are learning to graph inequalities. I got 11 1/2 out of 13 for last night's homework. I got the best grade at my new table!!! I was excited, but I am still going to redo the ones that I got wrong to get a better grade. I know that it is hard to believe, but I think that maybe my new surroundings will bring a new mathematician, maybe. I don't know if this seat will help me prosper, or fail, but I do have good feelings. Cheerio!!!
     In P.E. we have to learn how to play badminton. The whole point is to improve our hand-eye-coordination. I am pretty good at it, and always score the most points out of my partners. I am excited that I am good because I usually am not good at sports in general. I know that this sport is easy for me because I am also good at tennis. Even though tennis is much easier, because there is a bigger face on the racket. 
    In P.E., we rotate to different nets. If you win you go to the net before th one you are at. If you lose you go to the number after the net you were ate. So if you won at net 4, you would go to net 3. If you lost at net 4, you go to net 5.  I know that this sport is a good thing for me to be ivolved in. That is all I know so far. Ta ta for now!
Yesterday was the first day of the new quarter. I am really excited, because so far I am doing alright. I brought my grade up in leadership! I have a B- instead of a D which is MUCH better. I got my new community service time sheet and I have 30 min. already. I know I have a lot to go. I have to get 15 hours. My friend and I are going to try to get 30 hours so we can get a pizza party. We haven't gotten our little yellow event cards, but that is easy to get. I can use drama club for each of my events. 
    This week in leadership, I am in charge of the Friday event, we are doing a sort of dangerous, and messy event. You have to get onto a ladder and drop a chocolate covered marshmallow into your friends mouth. When we tested the event we learned that you have to have baby-wipes at hand. I am going to bring baby wipes. I think Mr. Armstrong is bringing the chocolate syrup and marshmallows, but I should probably remind him. I hope this event goes well! Saa ya'!
In Leadership, we have to have 15 hours of community service. I only have 10 1/2 and I haven't turned it in. I now have a D in leadership! I don't even think I can bring it up because the quarter has already ended! I'm not very happy with myself, I have never gotten a D before. I'm surprised at myself, and hope that ,aybe I can do better next quarter. It was hard for me to get even 10 1/2 hours,  I hav to tell my mom, and I'm probably going to get in a lot of trouble. I have to be aware of how fast the quarter goes by next time. I know I can do better. I hope that's all the bad news that I have today. Bye!!!
Today in science we started doing powerpoints. The powerpoints are on Chapter two's vocab. We are doing the powerpoints on the mini laptops that are in the science lab. My partner and I got the starting slide, and the first word done. The word's are about cells and living things. I think I know it pretty well. The whole experience was very, very fun. I know that I have an A in science, but I did the extra-credit option just in-case I needed it later. You can never have too much A's!!! Adios!!
The day before yesterday, we had to take the jumprope test in P.E.. I took the test with my partner. We were going to do a routine, but she can't do as many tricks as I can, so we were in a bind. So instead, we decided to do continuous jump. Continuous jump is where you keep jumping for a whole minute until Mr. Brown says to stop. When we had finished, I had 116 jumps, and she haad 62. We both would've gotten 5/10, but I had done extra credit, so I got 7/10. I think she may have been upset with her grade, but I know she still has a good grade in P.E. That's all I have to say for now, A tout a la'here!
So far I have had a substitute twice this week, in French, and in Math. I had no idea that we were going to have subs. It is hard for me to stay focused when we have subs because, I am so used to my normalm teachers, that I never can pay attention. I was excited when I got all my work done in math, today, even though we had a sub. 
    I re-organized my binder, because it was getting a little messy. So far, it's helped a lot. I know it is very important to stay organized now, because so far using my binder has been a breeze. Before, I had folders instead of a binder. I had folders because it was too hard to get my binder in and out of my backpack. Now I have a new backpack, so it's much easier. Well, I am pretty much done! Asta la vista!!!
Today is a monday, I absolutely HATE Mondays. I had a french project due today. I did a powerpoint. At home I have a PC, so when I got to school, and tried to do the powerpoint on the Mac that my teacher has. The words were in the wrong places and they were all jumbled up. It was so embarassing, but maybe she won't take points off, because it really wasn't my fault. Other than that little mishap, everything is going great and my Monday has't been so bad after all. So maybe I'll rethink the whole "hating Mondays thing" Well that's it! Happy Monday!!!