The seventh graders all went on a trip to the zoo. It was pretty fun, and we got to see an amazing bird show. Our entire seventh grade class went on 4 busses. That means three to a seat. You are probably wondering how I am going to tie a teen tip in here, because they are usually based off of my experiences. Well, today's isn't. Our chaperones were from Edison High, they each gave us a grade on how we behaved, and how much we participated. I got an A+ and so did almost everyone else in my group. Except one person, he will not be mentioned by his actual name, so we will call him Bob. 

You see, when Bob, me and the rest of the group were at free time, Bob kept wondering away to other exhibits. He was being a bit moody, and did not want tot participate in the activities that we had. Bob's grade slowly went from an A+ to a B-. Bob couldn't understand, he knew he had been wandering off, but he had no idea that it would lower his grade. "Follow Your Group and Your Chaperone" that had to be at the top of the rule list. So, Teen Tip # 4- Follow directions closely, Bob was lucky he at least got a B, that was a big science grade, you know. I am happy with my grade. I needed it for science.

At the zoo, we got to see a lot of animals, but while we were going to look at out animal, Bob wondered off, and we all had to go find him. By the time we got to our groups animal (the one we are researching) , it wasn't even there. I started to wonder, if we didn't have to go look for Bob would we have seen our animal? The group leaders were upset at Bob. Anyways, you should check out the Chaffee Zoo, heres a link to it's website, and one to the research site.
Research Site: 

Chaffee Zoo official website:\ 
I looked around as they gave us a nice big cup of hot chocolate, but its nearly summertime, so I let it cool. I try to ask questions, but every time I do, the other Mariah cuts me off and shows me another part of her house. Once we were on the 4th floor, we turned left and she squealed, "And...THIS IS MY ROOM!!!!" The walls were sparkly and pink, and the bed was attached to the ceiling, so it swung. The bed had pink and purple rhinestones, not the the cheap kind, ALL over the frame. THe bed spread was pink with purple sparkly flowers, and her "office" area had a sparkly purple desk, and a full pink and purple personalized stationery. She had a rotating closet all controlled by a touch-screen panel on the wall. The mirror had a camera built into it, so if she was looking especially pretty that day, she could take a picture.

My clothes were dirty with...soot? I don't know why, and I don't bother asking, but I do ask to take a shower in her shower big enough to have a party in...not that anyone would. I took a shower, which had shower heads on every side, and you could change the temperature with your voice. I picked up the clothes of her's that I laid out. The least girliest clothes I could find, some jeans and a plain black tee shirt. I stepped out of her bathroom, and I saw Mariah 2 on her bed. She was sobbing harded than I've seen anyone sob. Her hands covered her face.

"I know we hardly know each other, but you can tell me anything." I say, "I feel like we are somehow connected." 
She looked up at me, "We are," she said, " I am you." I looked up and saw the seriousness across her face. Across my face, actually. "My mother," She said, "Your mother, she didn't die, according to her, you did. You were a little brunette baby, and your father's mother stole you away, she bleached your hair, and changed your middle and last name. SHe even, somehow, changed your birth certificate, Im sorry."
            Ok, so this week, in math, we started learning hoe to make tessellations. Tessellations is when you can draw a shape that can fit into THE SAME SHAPE THE OTHER WAY!!! I don't know about you, but that sounds totally righteous to me. Most people, like me, hate math, but this week, it wasn't half bad. I learned how to make pretty artwork in math, and it was really fun!!!
           Most kids are done or almost done on their tessellations, I'm almost done. I think I have one more row, and then I'm done. I am really excited to see how it turns out. I love to look at great tesselations, because tyou can tell that people put a lot of effort into them. One in my mathbook was made out of lizards, it was really ccool. Mine is like a bear, cat, dog, rat, fox thing. It is really cute though.
           Anyways, I had to find a way to fit in the third teen tip, so I am cutting it really close on this one. Teen tip # 3: Don't judge a book by it's cover. You see, I hated math, and I thought it was all bad. This tessellation stuff really changed my mind about that. I have to say, You should try to make one!!! Maybe even show your math teacher I bet she/he would be proud.  


We have to do the dumb CSTs they are so boring, especially when you are like stuck in your first period class for like....ever. I tried to tell my mom that I was "sick" this week. I think she started to realize that I get sick every CST week. I don't like CST, because when you have to go to sleep at 8:00 every night, you start to get a little annoyed, and I will, let me tell you. I can't even go to sleep at nine. I am usually tired, but I can't sleep. Your parents might tell you that even just resting is good, but it isn't forget about it, you'll never get ENOUGH rest. I never do, at least. Plus, the other kids are thinking the same exact thing as you, "If I bomb this test, will I not have to ever take a STUPID CST again?" The answer is no, let me tell you now. I've never bombed a CST, but I can see the outcomes, and I don't think you would like to live in a box, or eat someone else's moldy hot dog for dinner. The rats don't prepare the nachos that well, either. Just listen to TEEN TIP #1, "Do YOUR best on the test!!!"  YOUR best as in don't cheat, you are a smart person
I leaned my head as far as I could, but I couldn't see in between the bars. "You live on this street?" I ask. "Yeah," she said, "My house is right by an alley, almost exactly like the one out here. No, wait, EXACTLY like the one here." Her face went white, "This is my house?"  She wasn't crying, in fact she couldn't stop talking, "I knew we had a boarded up window facing the alley, but barred? I don't know this is all starting to sound pretty strange to-" I looked at her in disbelief, "Starting to sound strange? Starting?The big old gaping hole in your leg, the rusty, bone filled room, us looking completely identical, that stuff wasn't strange?" I snap at her. "My, mother she will rescue us, and my father he will come too." She said. I stared at her, a pause, "They will rescue us? Or do you think they kidnapped us?" She glared at me, "How dare you! I am a loved child, they would never do this to me!!!" I couldn't believe she was saying this right in front of me. I fell to my knees, and felt my eyes burn as a bright light flashed on. The woman, from the car? No, but similar looking. Except, she had a way better fashion sense. I stared at her, and she ran to give me a hug, I pushed her away. 
        The room was rather clean, and I found out that the bones were for their dogs, who came racing in after the lady. She brought in some men who wiped off our faces, and put some sort of ointment that healed the other Mariah almost  instantly. "I'm sorry if you mistook us for kidnappers. We didn't mean to frighten you." The woman said, and a frail blonde secretary with a rather pointed face nodded quickly, to assure us, I guess. "Ok, why did you chain us up?" I ask, "And why is the metal all rusty?" The room was relatively clean, but all the metal was rusty and gross looking. "You both put up quite a fight, and one of the two of you clones got stabbed, we quickly gave you both cloraphorm, and you went right out. We had to chain you up, because you kept growling in your sleep, and we didn't want to get hurt." She said, the flamingo-like secretary nodded and raised her eyebrows. 




Over the past couple weeks, we have been doing review for the CST test in math, lame right? It's really boring and I don't like having homework on the weekends, that is really lame. I think it is helping me, though, the whole lot of it. All we have been doing in math is review. It is pretty lame, but its much easier. I like the way Ms. Pope talks to us about it like the material is brand new and we have never learned it before, It is kind of funny, actually.
The CST review homework usually consists of 16 or more problems. they are all review and relatively easy. I like homework when I actually know what I am doing. I think that everyone should be doing review before CST's in every subject. I like this idea, overall, and I'm glad Ms. Pope is making us do it. I think that we are going to have to step it up, our school in general, because we don't want to fall behind other schools, test score wise.