Over the past few weeks we have been working on a project. the science and computer teachers were in charge of the lasst dance, they raised over 300 dollars. With this money and other donations, the seventh greaders will be taking a trip to the zoo. The Chafee Zoo. Of course, we have to tie it into schoolwork, so we are each given a group and an animal. In our groups, we have to research and write a report on an animal.
             We have 4 people in our group. I am dne with my part, and so is Hollie. Momo and Isaac still have a little ways to go. I think that we are off to a pretty good start, and anyways, we got a pretty unknown animal. Our animal is the Eyelash Viper. It is native to South America, but it is in the Chaffee zoo. I like this project, I'm, having a good time. 
I paced around the room a while, looking for things to break the window with, I tried to use the bar, the one that I got my handcuffs off with. It wouldn't come out of the wall. "Do you have anything on you?" I ask. "A compact, and my...cell phone." She said. "Why didn't you get that out before?!?!?" I yell. " You should be quieter, the men will be back anytime soon. Besides, I don't have a signal in here anyways." She replied. "Oh." I slumped. I remembered, when I tripped. The bone, it would be perfect. I found the bone and raced to the window. I hammered on it, nothing. Again, harder this time. It shattered. I was overjoyed. Except the window was foggy with spray paint or something, and I couldn't see the metal bars until now. I could see an alleyway. I saw a street sign. We are on central and....I can't really read maybe Disston? Disston? That can't be right, Disston is the neighborhood for rich kids. I would have lived here if my mom hadn't "died". "We are on Disston and Central" I say. "What? thats where I live????'!!!" She says. What?
Yesterday, as I was wandering the halls at break, I noticed many unhappy faces. I asked each unhappy face what was wrong, and I wrote these 5 theses to show the problems.
1. Students feel we are given too much homework.
2. Students feel as though their backpacks are MUCH to heavy.
3. Students feel as if they should have more lunch time.
4. Students feel like a longer break should be provided.
5. Students feel uncomfortable in their designated uniforms.

I hope these five theses will be taken into consideration, if they are not, I will start a rebellion. No one shall disregard any of the complaints found in this document, or any like this. 
SO today, in science, we learned a bunch of stuff that I didn't remember. Like stuff about eyes, and it was really boring. We learned the parts of the eye, and I would tell you all about it, but I honestly don't remember. I have science third period....its fourth period. I think that the cornea is the clear thing on the top of your eye or is it the lens? I don't know, but I better know tomorrow, when we dissect a cow eye. I  learned about the vitreous humor, I think it is some sort of liquid that helps shape the lens. Also, the aqueous humor is to...I don't know, moisturize or something. The eyebrow shades and keeps sweat away from your eye, gross right? I have perfectly clean eyebrows. The lens helps with focusing, I need that because I can't focus, well, ever. I think that maybe they should be able to magnify your lens if you need glasses. Can they do that, doctors? Yeah we learned a bunch of other stuff that's reallly 
I picked myself up and ran towards the girl. She reached out. "You're not shackled?" I ask. "No, I'm hurt so badly it would just be a waste of time for them". She sounds much older when she isn't whining. I ask, "How much do you weigh?". "About 97 pounds, I'm 15 or 16, I cant remember a thing. Except my name, Mariah. What's yours?" I gasp, "M-Mariah" I utter. "Wow, what a coincedence, she says." I pick her up, as much as I could, and carried her into the meek light.It was all I could do not to drop her. She looked EXACTLY like me. No joke, her hair was long and mine was short, and her clothes were a little too pink, but she was a clone with a different personality. Her eyes were clenched shut, from the pain and she hadn't looked up at me yet. I looked at her wound. It was on her leg, so it wouldn't be lethal.It was bad, though, her thigh had a huge gash on the outside. I took off my jacket and wrapped it tightly around. She winced, but opened her eyes up afterwards. "Oh my gosh," she whispered. "You're, me?"  I blinked a couple of times, "You aren't a dream, right?"
Yesterday, my family learned that we have been chosen to choose the candidates for the Hall of Fame, their are so many choices, the campaign posters are up all over the town. We are the luckiest noble family in all of the world. I know that I  don't have much pf a choice, because I am the youngest lady in the family, but I wish I did. If I could choose I would definitely choose William Shakespeare, his contributions are great. I have made 15 posters for him already. I hung them up all over town. My mother agrees that his 30 comedies, 30 tragedies, and other many plays, and books, have been an immense contribution to our society. I love his work, his Romeo and Juliette made me wonder what it would be like to live in a tragedy. The forbidden love, and broken hearts, it is all so dramatic! His work is MOST definitely something to consider while we look through our choices. H
Plagiarism is a serious offense. Everyone knows that copycats are not appreciated. Plagiarism is when somebody uses somebody else's work, without giving them credit. Of course, you can use the information, but it is certainly illegal to use the words verbatim (word for word). It is really important to use your own words, this is called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a key skill to acknowledge when writing a report. When you paraphrase, you shouldn't use the same words that are not pronouns. For example, if I said, "Plagiarism is a serious offense, and paraphrasing is certainly a much more intelligent way to write."  You are welcome to use the information, but not in my exact words, instead you could say, "Plagiarism is illegal, and paraphrasing is a much better way to write, anyways.". This would be paraphrasing, and you would not be charged. It is of major importance that if you don't paraphrase all the time, the parts where you don't should be in quotes. Say you used the first bold sentence in a report, you would write, "Plagiarism is a serious offense, and paraphrasing is certainly a much more intelligent way to write." -Ollie. Excerpt from blog, "Plagiarism and Paraphrasing". Normally you would write the last name, but since my last name isn't viewable on the website, you would not be able to include it. Thank you! Remember, if you want to use any of this information, ALWAYS paraphrase, and NEVER plagiarize.
Yesterday, in science, we played a game that was designed to teach us about generations, and how habitats can effect nature. First, we had to sort out these cards. There were 25 brown mice cards with a lowercase w,, and then there was 25 white mice cards with an uppercase W on them, that was the dominant gene. Also there was event cards,1 disease card, 1 predator, and 1  survive card. Also, there were 5 death cards. Then, we had to pick two random cards from the mice pile, and 1 from the event cards. If you got WW or a Ww, a white mouse, you lived unless you got, predator or a death card. However, if you got a ww, a brown mouse, you would die unless you got a survive card which was very rare. Then, the situation was changed. SO white mice died, and brown mice lived. This happened when the habitat was changed to a dark floor instead of a light floor. I liked this game and I think it helped me understand this much better.  
I am so grateful to serve my family, usually. Only, my brother, my sister, and I aren't much of a family. My brother is dying, his whole body is pale, and his head feel as if it is on fire. My sister is 18 and can't take care of him, because she has to work at the pub. Since my mother and father died from the plague, my house is empty. We are still treated as nobles, and are given provisions, but its hard to feed three people, especially since my 7 year old brother can't keep a single piece of food down. I sob everyday while I am at his side. He can't see me, his eyes are crusted shut, and his fingers barely move when I hold them. I was told  not to touch him, but I cannot see why not. God has cast a horrible thing on a good person, but why? His face is so, so innocent, and his body can't stand another moment of guilt. He said words yesterday, real words, not nonsense. "I'm sorry" He said. I could feel the tears roll down my cheek and continue down my necj. He feels guilty for something that he didnt do. This has effected my family so much, I can't even begin to cover the loss
My Spring Break was awesome, I had a lot of fun. I only had 4 shows this week instead of having six. Almost everyday except for Easter, I  got up and ate breakfast, then we cleaned, and at 10 I went to tennis practice, and came home at 12. Then, we would relax until 4 when I went back to tennis until 5. After tennis, I stayed at the sport club until 6 when I had boxing. Boxing ended at 7:30. On Wednesday Thursday and Friday, I could only stay until 7 for boxing because I had a performance.One night, I stayed the night at my friend Mckenzie’s house, that was ok. Also, on Saturday, I had an acting class, which was fun, and I get to do it with my Best Friend!!! I didn’t go anywhere, but I had a lot of fun staying at home. On thursday, after tennis, we went to a Mexican supermarket called Vallartas. I liked it there, but I couldn’t order the food. I cleaned on monday until boxing. Also, I received a list of a bunch of auditions and theatre workshops, which is really exciting. I loved Spring Break, and I can’t wait until summer!!!  

Since it is now fourth quarter, I plan to keep all my grades up as well as I can. I had fun over Spring Break, but it is now time to work.