A Google A Day is the funnest thing since Jiffy Pop. Actually, it is not the FUNNEST thing, but it is pretty cool. This new thing is a cool way to get your mind started. The questions are challenging, interesting, and a lot of brain work. The question is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a space to enter your answer. The question is displayed on the Google homepage if you search for  "A Google a Day. If you can't find the answer, you can ask for a hint, the hint will give you a boost, and you will be able to find it easier. If you get the question wrong, a hint will pop up. Deja Google makes sure that the answer is displayed so easily, keeping the challenge fresh and exciting. Also, if you miss your dose of Google searching, you can go back and search for the ones that you missed.
     I think A Google a Day is really fun. I feel like I am a detective, and I get to search for the answer to every mystery. I like how the Deja Google feature makes sure you don't get the answer because of previous searches. This is a fun way to get your brain warmed up, and to keep our creative juices flowing. It also helps kids learn about the world, and other cool things that we may not have known. Although there are a few glitches, A Google a Day should be required in EVERY computer class. 
     My village is a mess, the townspeople are even considering a rebellion. They can't stand the bickering going on between the Pope, and our lord, the King. Our nobles elected our king, as this is a Holy Roman Empire. However, the pope had to approve. Although the pope approved then, he wants all the power from the king. I am the daughter of a noble, and being a woman, I have no say, honestly. Still, the whole quarrel has lasted for years, but the negotiating has ended, and it has come to push and shove.
     The Empire would be having a much easier time if they could watch their two greatest leaders cooperate. They would have smoother church sessions, because the pope would make sure that bishops were hand-picked. Also, the peasants and nobles would be receiving their fair share of land, and protection. I would much rather prefer that the king handle land, money, food, and warfare. I would also hope that the pope would be satisfied with only the religious matters. Cooperation is key in a feudal society like this, and it should be maintained.
     Last Friday, we had to do Fitness day ijn PE. The first time we did bootcamp in PE I was so sore, that I couldn't even sit down. Then, we did it again, and I was able to sit, and walk, but I still felt a little pain. The third time (this last time) I didnt fel anything, nothing at all. My muscles were so used to it, that I just went through the period with ease. I am beginning to like fitness day, but I have a feeling that it isn't going to remain easy for long. All my friends feel the same way, too.
     First, we had to run arounf the varsity diamond, without stopping. Then, we had to do suicides. Suicides are when yo run to one cone, then back, then to a farther one, then back, and then to the farthest one and back. That was pretty hard.Next, we had to skip to the last cone, and the run backwards back. Then, we had to hop on one foot to one side, and then on the other on the way back. Both of those things were easy. Finally, we had to do lunges all the way to the last cone and all the way back. That was the worst thing. I got pretty sweaty and felt nautious, but afterwards I actually felt like I accomplished something.
The whole day, I sat in class thinking about where I was supposed to go after school. My grandma probably will be at the hospital, or an old folks home by the time  I arrive. I hope they let her keep our new dog with her, she adores it. Sometimes I think that dog is the only hting she is holding onto. Soon enough, though, the dog won't be able to hold her anymore. Soon enough, she will let go, and she won't take me or anything else with her.

Even as a chils my grandma never said a word in an offensive tone, she never talked over a whisper if she even spoke at all. She said a mouthful of words today, when I came home. I ditched school at lunch time to come see her. She is looking so much better. She said the people from "Maple Homes" called. They offered her a free spot, and she is thinking about taking it. God help me. 
They came today, they told me that they had to take me away. My heart sunk, I screamed kicked, and bit my way out of their arms. There was no way I was going to leave my grandma alone. I know I have to leave someday, but not today. I remember yelling at them, "I am 15 years old, I have my learner's permit! I can take care of myself, I don't need CPS to take me away, because I am not a child, and I am very well protected right here!" Its the most I have said in weeks, other than acting. I ran to my room and locked the door. Then, I saw her. My mother's cat, sitting on my window sill. She is so old, we all thought she ran away. But, here she was, her once diamond studded collar is now rusty and scratched. She still looks strong and well-fed, though. I can't  stop the tears now, I was already struggling to hold them back. This cat, and the locket around my neck, are the only things left of my mother. Then she hopped down and curled up onto my bed, right next to my brand new dog. 
Knight(s) Needed!
I am requesting one Kinght to help protect my family. I have several requirements, and if they are not met, the job will not be given. If you have your own horse, please do not be reluctant to bring it. If you do not have a horse, or do not want to risk the life of your horse, keep it at your farm or stable. Also, if you're interested,  you must be at least 20 years old, and you must be strong. Armor will be provided for all knights that are accepted. Next, you must be brave, and loyal. Note: There will be a physical test, to show your sstrength and skill. If you are interested please see me at the Wagner Manor. You will be required to protect me, my grandmother, mother, brother, and our 4 dogs.
Rewards: If you are accepted, you will recieve land, and a manor for your service. Also, your family may stay on the land with you. Lastly, you will recieve your horse to keep.
    I couldn't bear it, I sat there and watched my home go up in flames. I used the excuse of the smoke for the tears running down my face. I had laughed, even though I was starving, cried even though I was happy in that house. I could hardly sit still, I climbed up into a tree, and watched the only thing I ever had be destroyed. I guess that I shouldn't be upset, because there was hardly anything I owned. Only the clothes on my back, and the cross of my mothers in my hand. I sat in the tree, wishing I could just fall out and join my mother. I was in hiding, and my life doesn't matter to anyone but Father Quinel, and if he keeps helping me along, he will be killed as well. 
    My life is putting others in danger, and I had nothing to live for. As I was growing up, I contemplated killing myself, but my mother would be all alone. As I am now, but she is gone, and it isn't her fault. I didn't cry when I was starving of food, but I am crying now, as I am starving for love. That house was all the memories I had, my mother was all the warmth, and now they are both gone. Sorrow fills my body, and I cry even harder.
       Its Here again...! The rally is back, and better than ever. We are finally getting up to speed on the rally. We have a lot of the posters done, or almost done, and we are already getting permission from our teachers to leave to help set up. This rally's theme is blacklight! We are going to  have a section where all the lights are off and its only the blacklights. It sounds cool and everything, but we haven't even ordered the blacklights. Also, I have only heard tell of one game for the whole rally. I am excited, though, because the white posters are going to look awesome. I think the teachers are going to do a little dance in white clothes so they will glow. That should be fun. We are still working on it, though.
      I think this rally is going to bet the best so far. I am really excited to see all the happy faces when the lights are off and the white is glowing. However, I would prefer that we hurry up, and get everything done.
I was out in the fields yesterday, and I was gathering wheat to bake bread with my family. I began to smell smoke. At first, I thought maybe the crazy old cook who lives about a fifteen minute walk from my house was burning his food again. Usually this smoky smell would fill my nose. Only, there was one thing, it wasn't just filling my nose, but it was stinging my eyes and making my ears ring. I was coming up the hill when I saw my village, burning, bodies pile up, and even my neighbors hiding in fear. I looked out to the sea, and saw what I had expected. The Vikings, sailing away, screaming and shouting foul words of victory. I dropped my basket and picked up my skirt. I ran to where my house would have been, and then I saw her, my mother. On her knees sobbing while she held by older brothers charred body in her hands. The whole house was burnt. I saw my dad walk from the wreckage, holding our cat, and my baby sister, who was coughing furiously.
        "It's my fault," I said, "If I had been here he might not have died, I could've warned you, I knew I should have come back sooner, and if I had followed Mama's rules about staying out to late, I could have saved him. I'm sorry." 
"No, if you had come, we would have 2 dead children, and we don't have enough time to bury the both a ya'" My Pa said, this made Ma cry harder, and my sisters cough act up again. "Come on, let's go see if anything survived." I said. This has been a bad day, maybe there is something left of all the good ones we have had.
       Yesterday, I met a girl around my age from Scandinavia, she came to Northern Europe with her grandma and her father. She said she was coming here to learn about other places. I asked her what it was like living in Scandinavia, she told me that she was cold all year long, and their aren't many crops that grow. "Everyday in my house I have to wear coat after coat, and it is very, very cold. " She said, "What is it like living here in Northern Europe?" I hesitated to answer, because I have a quiet, nice life, the weather is fairly mild, and I never go hungry. " Well, the winters can be pretty cold" I said, there was a long pause. "Well, it looks like the crops grow pretty well here, there is plenty of water, and the people seem very nice." She happily replied. "   I didn't want to brag, but she was right. I much rather prefer living here than there. "My grandmother lived in Scandinavia, she said its freezing cold there, we are lucky  compared to her." She said. "Yes, we are. " I replied awkwardly. I know I live in the right place, but she seemed to be insulting me, in my eyes, I mean, I really like where I live. She seemed to be saying that I have the easiest life, but I am a person too. "It doesn't  matter where you live, we all have an equal amount of hardships in our life." I ended the conversation with that.