Last week, and this week, we are learning about Punnet Squares. Punnet squares help you determine what genotype two parents will pass on to their children. Like if a Pp and another one was pp, then a punnet square would be used to find out what the genotype of their child might be. Also, if a parent had Ll for long nose, and ll for a short nose, then it would be impossible for the child to have a medium nose, because that genotype isn't presented. Another thing is, if the parent is purebred, or homozygus, their genotype is either two capital letters, or two lowercase letters, like OO or oo. Lowercase letters are the recessive gene, meaning they are not dominant, like upper case letters. So if a parent had Cc and a parent has cc, then their is still only 25% chance of the child have cc. 
      I like learning about punnet squares, it is really fun, and very interesting. It was very easy for me to pick up on, and I look forward to the test this Friday. Au demain (see you tomorrow)!!
My grandma let me keep the dog, but I think it might have been a bad idea. He pees and poops everywhere, and he can't listen. He is like a defiant 3 year old. I named him Rib, I was thinking about Bones, but that name would just bring back sad memories. I checked him for fleas and took him to get his papers, he really is a sweet dog, though. I need to buy him food, but I don't have enough money to, we got an eviction notice yesterday and I didn't have the heart to tell my grandma. She stays in her recliner all day watching reruns of American Idol, she says one day she'll be watching me on that show from the clouds, but hearing her say that only makes me cry myself to sleep every night. I try to keep myself occupied so the thoughts don't start provoking tears, but I see the occasional hospital, grave yard, or old person and the thoughts entangle themselves in my mind, she is so sweet, my grandma, I can't stand watching her die in our lonely house. She needs to be in a safer enviroment, she needs to go to a nursing ho
       My grandma is feeling worse every day her face is like snow, except its burning hot. She can't move, or even talk. I keep thoughts running through my mind about what I would do without her. Where would I live? I'm only a freshman. Would I go to an orphanage, or too a Foster home? My whole family would be dead, I would be all alone. Although, now that I think about it, I'm always alone. Don't take it the wrong way, though. Its not always a bad thing. Sometimes, walking down the hallways of my school, I feel like its better to be alone than having to argue with one of my friends or get in a fight because of the people I hang out with. So now that I think about it. I am glad I'm a loner. I am open to friendships, but they have to find me. I think about my grandma while I am at school. She could die while I'm not there. What would happen to her?   She only weighs 80 pounds, and she refuses to keep anything down. I tried to puree food, but she just spits it back up. I can't handle her death well, especially right before her birthday. 
        Today, as I was walking home, I saw a dog. He is one of those sheepdogs. I know this sounds fake, but it followed me home. My grandma said her first word as it walked in, "Bones?". We had a dog named Bones when I was little. He died after getting hit by a car. He looks sort of looks like Bones. I tried to answer as nicely as I could, "No grandma, it's not bones, he followed me home from school, and I think he wants to live here with us. Can he stay?" I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I can't take care of myself, my grandma, and a dog, I have to let this go.
Yesterday, I P.E., we had to do boot camp, I thought it was going to be the worst experience in my laugh, I was right. We stretched a little first, and talked, had some fun, but right after we took roll, the torture started. We had to do 100 jumping jacks, which wasn't hard. I was hoping that was it, but soon learned not to get my hopes up. Then, we did 60 sit and jumps, that's when you sit, then stand up, jump, and then sit back down continually. Then we did 60 squats, but we rested in the middle. After the squats, we had to do 60 lunges. I wasn't that worn out after those, but then we started the push ups, and sit ups. We did about 50 of each, my face was pretty sweaty and very red. Afterwards we did about 50 leg raises to the front, and then 40 on each side. I am so sore, now but it was worth the grade. I am not looking forward to the next boot camp.
Last week, in science, we started learning about genes and traits. As a project for this unit, we got to make our own paper pets. You had to flip a coin if you flipped heads then tails or Vise Versa or heads then heads, it was blue. if you flipped tails then tails, it was yellow. Mine was blue. I named him Colin, then I mated Colin with the girl next to me's pet. Hers was blue too, however we both flipped heads, then tails, so our pets both carried the recessive gene of yellow. Then, we each flipped a coin to determine whether the babies were yellow or blue, had round or square eyes, triangular, or oval nose, and square or pointed teeth. Surprisingly, even though our pets were still blue 50% of our pets were yellow, which means my pet passed on a yellow trait three times, and so did hers. 
       I really liked this assignment I found it really interesting, and easy to learn. I had a great time with my partner, and making my pet grandchildren. Peace!!!
       For my New Year's Resolution, I am going to start improving my performing. I am going to start going to my voice lessons regularly, because I really need to practice so I can make more progress, and become a better performer. I used to go every week, but I stopped after I had a bad cold. Now I have one scheduled for today after school. Also, I am going to focus on facial expression, and creating the scene. This acting skill will also help improve my confidence on stage, if I know that i am looking the part.  I usually don't practice my acting, because there is never a time when I actually need it, except when singing, but now it is crucial for me to practice. Finally, I am going to start getting help with my dance. I am already pretty good, but not at tap dances. So first, I am going to buy some tap shoes, and then start some new lessons with a new teacher. I usually manage pretty well without tapping, but I think I might be able to start getting better than I already am. 
       I will definitely need some help with this goal, but I'm sure I will be able to improve my performing with ease once I get the right guidance. These goals (once achieved) will help me be prepared for auditions, and performing on the spot. I should be able to achieve these goals in less than 4 months. So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Bye! 
Today is the first day I have blogged in three weeks!!! Why? Winter vacation of course! I didn't go anywhere, but I did have a lot of fun. I got a kindle fire for Christmas and a new pair of boots, also, on New Years Eve I went to one of the ONLY alcohol free dances in the whole city. I had so much fun counting down and dancing with my friends. I probably was going to go somewhere if I didnt have to perform and rehearse for Junior Company. I'm excited because we got a lot of extra rehearsing time over the break, so I got to perfect all my dancing and singing. I also watched the saints game, but we lost, ao I had to stay in the room with my mom while she mourned. I also learned that I can't go to Boomers because I have Junior Company, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. I have an audition coming up and I spent most of winter break preparing my song. I think I have just perfect. Also, I spent a lot of time spending time with my family, because I realized that the holidays aren't just about vacations, but about spreading the joy of the holidays with your family and friends. Merry (belated) Christmas!