A Google A Day is the funnest thing since Jiffy Pop. Actually, it is not the FUNNEST thing, but it is pretty cool. This new thing is a cool way to get your mind started. The questions are challenging, interesting, and a lot of brain work. The question is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a space to enter your answer. The question is displayed on the Google homepage if you search for  "A Google a Day. If you can't find the answer, you can ask for a hint, the hint will give you a boost, and you will be able to find it easier. If you get the question wrong, a hint will pop up. Deja Google makes sure that the answer is displayed so easily, keeping the challenge fresh and exciting. Also, if you miss your dose of Google searching, you can go back and search for the ones that you missed.
     I think A Google a Day is really fun. I feel like I am a detective, and I get to search for the answer to every mystery. I like how the Deja Google feature makes sure you don't get the answer because of previous searches. This is a fun way to get your brain warmed up, and to keep our creative juices flowing. It also helps kids learn about the world, and other cool things that we may not have known. Although there are a few glitches, A Google a Day should be required in EVERY computer class. 

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